Why Content Differentiation Helps You Survive & Succeed in a Crowded Space

Content is a subjective factor  because it is irrevocably tied to the creator’s knowledge and experience levels. Your content is only as good as the degree to which the reader finds it useful/entertaining. 

This subjectivity of content consumption is one of the main reasons why I think that content dissemination and distribution channels are sometimes more important than the actual content quality. The more visitors you can get to view your articles, the more they will begin to resonate with the right people and spread on their own. 

But one thing remains constant: whatever content you produce will be benchmarked against other content in the same niche. If you are writing about a subject online, your content will compared with other magazines or newspapers which produce the same content. This naturally arises because of attention scarcity on the part of readers. 

Differentiating your content from others ensures your website remains necessary, well branded and distinct from the rest of the crowd. When you are the only hot dog vendor stationed at a busy road junction, you automatically capture a market. 

By Makki 

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