About Our Mobile App

Do You Have a Mobile App 

Yes, we have gone beyond classic mobile apps to use a new technology called Progressive Web apps. They look exactly like a mobile app, but  with better functionality. They install quick without the need to  visit an  app store. And are an excellent way to increase use on your site. 

Can I see it in action? 

Yes of course here is a video of the app working on a phone. 

How are they installed  

You no longer have to go to the App Store. All you do is click a prompt on your website, and the application installs there and then. Once installed, it will appear on your home screen and within your app tray draw. It looks and behaves exactly like a normal app. 

How Much does the Mobile App cost? 

The cost of the mobile app is completely free. 

Does it work with push notifications? 

Yes, this is where the Magic happens! When a reader gets a notification, it opens the app rather than the website.   The combination of app and push notification increases reader engagement with the web site. 

See it in action below on this video

What are the benefits of a mobile app?  

  • From research we have seen that. The interactivity between the reader and the app increases .  
  • Provide direct access to your website, without a browser.  
  • The ability to open push updates within the app.  
  • Increases brand awareness of your site with the user. Seeing your app on their phone reinforces the readers connection to you.  
  • Works with Android and Apple.  

Is it secure?  

Yes, we use RSA 4096-bit encryption to communicate with the web app. 

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